This script will help you setup your player. It was added later because I had a lot of requests for help and people just don't seem to get it. This will make your and my life much easier.

First read if your server supports all requirements. If CURL Remote fails, please contact your web hosting company to enable CURL remote access. You may need to tell them port to your radio station which is default 8000 for Icecast and Shoutcast servers.


Configure Player

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(Default Twitter Message uppon popup)

Configure Streams

Before you start configuring this part, take a second and read info bellow:
Shoutcast v1: MP3 & AAC codecs (Stream URL:;stream.mp3)
Shoutcast v2: MP3 & AAC codecs (Stream URL:
Icecast: MP3 & OGG codecs (OGA) (Stream URL:

Add New Group

Configure Stats

At this point you need to configure single server (Shoutcast or Icecast (Shoutcast V2 Recommended!)) for parsing current artist - title. If this is not properly configured, your player instance will not show current artist - title and artist image. Also with Icecast or Shoutcast V1 player will not display current time of track.

Please do not add trailing slash (/)!
Select your Shoutcast V2 server timezone (Optional)